An Introduction

What is this? A blog that's not hosted on Medium or Wordpress in this hell year of 2020?

My name's Matt Sieker. I'm an underemployed software developer who is currently writing this introduction in my car while waiting for DoorDash to give me something to deliver.

The goal of this blog is to provide writeups to go with videos I make, or just writeups on their own. No advertising, newsletter popups, or other annoyances, just content. This site is also entirely static, generated from Markdown and shoved into an Azure storage container. I'll probably do a writeup too on how to do that.

Although one disadvantage to purely static hosting out of an Azure blob is I have no analytics. I don't really care about funnels and such, but I would like to know which articles, if any get popular. I can't process web server logs because there is no web server. Maybe I'll figure something out.

I have a few projects I'm going to start writing up over the next few days as I have time. Below is the quick intro video I made over the weekend that's me awkwardly talking to the camera.